Particulars of the Teacher

Name                                                                               :                       Dr. K.SUBRAMANYAM NAIDU

Designation                                                                    :                      READER IN PHYSICS

College in which working                                            :                       P.V.K.N. Govt. College, Chittoor

Mobile Number                                                             :                       09440240678

Email Address                                                               :                      [email protected]

Date of birth                                                                  :                      24-08-1958

Age                                                                                   :                     56 years

Date of first appointment                                            :                     12-09-1984 as Junior Lecturer

Date of appointment / promotion                             :                       20-11-1999 as Lecturer

as Lecturer in Degree College

Teaching Experience                                                    :                      30 years 2 months

Awards received                                                            :                   Received State Best Teacher Award-2014

Positions held:

Member, NSS Advisory Committee, of S.V. University, Tirupati, during 2004,2008 and 2012-13.

Member, Academic Committee, EAMCET-2010, JNTU, Hyderabad.

Member, Subject Committee in Physics, B.I.E, A.P.Hyderabad, to revise the Syllabus.

Member, To evaluate Syllabus Equivalence of RGUKT IIIT Programme, B.I.E, A.P. Hyderabad,

Member in District Collegiate Education Development and Review Committee(DCEDRC), constituted by Dist. Collector, Chittoor.

Coordinator, Career & Counseling Cell(UGC)

Member, Anti-Ragging Committee

Member and District Vice-President, GCGTA AP, for Chittoor Dist.

Research and Consultancy

Research Guidence:

07 students were guided for Phil in distant mode from study centers located in A.P for other universities

 Minor Research Project:

One Minor Research Project entitled “Absorption and Photoluminescence Spectra of Rare-Earths Doped Chlorophosphate Glasses” sanctioned vide UGC letter No.F.MRP-2628/08 (UGC-SERO), Link No. 2628 dated 18-03-2008, Completed.

 Research papers published:

International papers

 Fluorescence Properties of Pr3+-doped (NaPO3)6– BaCl2 –ZnCl2 – RF glasses

Matter. Sci. Lett. 11 (1991) 336.

Absorption Properties of Nd3+ – doped (NaPO3)6– BaCl2 –ZnCl2 – RF glasses

Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer 47 (1992) 515.

Photoluminescence Properties of Ho3+ -doped (NaPO3)6– BaCl2 –ZnCl2 – RF                         

Matter. Letters 14 (1992) 355.

Photoluminescence Properties of Er3+ -doped (NaPO3)6– BaCl2 –ZnCl2 – RF

Matter. Letters 13 (1992) 299.

Fluorescence Properties of Tm3+ -doped (NaPO3)6– BaCl2 –ZnCl2 – RF Glasses.

Ferroelectrics Letters 14 (1992) 53.

 Seminars / conferences attended and presented papers:

Attended two day State Level Workshop for Principals and UGC Coordinators from 23-24th April 2014, at Govt. Degree College for Men, Ananthapuramu.Participated and presented paper in One Day National Workshop on “Advanced Materials Characterization Techniques” At Dept. of Physics, S.V. University, Tirupati, on 23rd March,2013.Participated in National Level Seminar on “Recent Advances in Spectroscopy” organized by the Dept. of Physics, Auxilium College, Vellore, T.N. on 14TH 2012.Participated and presented paper The National Seminar (UGC) on “Emerging Materials and Technologies, EMT2010” at Dept. of Physics, S.S.B.N. Degree &P.G. College, Anantapur, A.P. from 9th to 10th2010.

Participated in One Week Workshop on “INNOVATIVE EXPERIMENTS” at Inter University   Accelerator Centre, NEW DELHI from 22nd to 27th Feb. 2010.

Attended National Summit on “Quality In Education” organized by C.I.I., institute of Quality, at Trade Center, Chennai, from 23rd to 24th2009.

Attended National Conference on ‘Advances in Nano-materials, Devices and Technologies” held at Dept. of Physics, S.V. Degree College, Kadapa, during 11th -12th July 2009.

Seminars/ Workshops Organized:

Conducted two day National Workshop on “Experiments for young Engineers and Scientists-Exp Eyes” for UG teachers, at Dept. of Physics & Electronics, P.V.K.N.Govt. College, Chittoor, during 15-16, Nov. 2013.

 Books authored & publised:

Multi authored text book for I year PHYSICS, published by Board of Intermediate Education, A.P. HYDERABAD. (Telugu Academy)

Multi authored text book for II year PHYSICS, published by Board of Intermediate Education, A.P. HYDERABAD. (Telugu Academy)

 Extension and Support activities :

Massive tree plantation programme organized during Janmabhoomi- Maa College, in the college with the Rector, Registrar, Dean, CDC., S.V.University, Tirupati along with the local private colleges.

As convener celebrated “Telugu Pandaga” in the College on the eve of Worlds Telugu Conference held at Tirupati.

Taken part in health awareness programmes by conducting Health Camps during Special Camps.

Organized AIDS Awareness programmes and Rallies.

Motivated the students towards eradication of pollution in our surroundings.

As NSS Progamme Officer the follwing activities were Organized:

Conducted NSS Special Camp at Kanipakam(03), Nangamangalam

Conducted NSS Special Camp at Agraharam, Chittoor Rural

Organized Blood Donation Camps(>20) and Blood grouping programme

Organized health awareness campaign among slum areas in rural areas

Organized AIDS and Swine Flu awareness

Tree plantation


2007- 2008

Particulars of the Teacher


  • Name                          Dr. A. Nagaraja Naidu, Ph.D


  • Designation             :   Reader in Economics &  Coordinator for M.A. Economics Studies


  • Qualifications          M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.,


  • Date of Birth            : 04-08- 1954


  • Address                     PVKN  Govt. College, Chittoor.

(Accredited  with B++ grade by NAAC.)

Ph. No.  (O)240457, 241768 (08572)

Cell:  9866322172

Ph.No. (R) 2243296 (0877)

e-mail:  [email protected]


  • Service Particulars : 1. Joined as Lecturer on 04/05/1984.
  •   Promoted to Senior Lecturer on  04/05/1991
  •    Promoted to Selection Grade on  01/01/1996.
  •   Reader designated   as on 16/01/2001


  • Papers published :  More than 40 articles, in Journals like Mainstream,

Frontier, Social Science Probings, Telugu Vygnanika

Masapathrika (Telugu Academy) and in Telugu ailies    like Eenadu, Andhra Jyothi, Vaartha,Visalaandhra,     etc.,


  • Books published : 1. As Joint Author, “Nuthana Ardhika Vyavasthapai Adhyayanam”,        Oct-2-4,1992, Andhra Pradesh Vyyavasaya Cooleela                                               samakhyaLoyala Public School, Guntur – 522 005.
  •   A. Nagaraja Naidu (ed.) Globalisation : Theory and  Practice,                                         P.V.K.N. Govt. College, Chittoor, 2004.
  •   A. Nagaraja Naidu (ed.), The Political Economy of  Drought and                                    Deterioration of Tank Irrigation in  Rayalaseema, P.V.K.N.

Govt.College, Chittoor , 2005.

  •   A. Nagaraja Naidu, The Political Economy of Underdevelopment in Rayalaseema, Mahamaya   Publications, New Delhi, 2007.
  •  A.Nagaraja Naidu (ed) , Laissez-faireism in Higher Education in India , PVKN Govt.College, Chittoor,2007.


  • Specilisation Public Economics, Agriculture and Rural  Development and   Political Economy.
  • Projects undertaken :  Submitted for two  projects.


  • Seminars /Conferences organized :   1. 21st A.P. Economic Annual Conference, 8th & 9th  Febuary  2003.
  •   ICSSR sponsored National Seminar on Globalisation, 11th & 12th    December, 2004.
  • UGC sponsored National Seminar on The Political Economy of    Drought and Deterioration of Tank  Irrigation in  Rayalaseema held on 27th & 28th  October,  2005.
  •    UGC sponsored National Seminar on  Laissez – Faireism  in Higher  Education held on 19-20, December, 2007.


  • Inservice Programmes  1. Orientation course, S.V. University, from 1st to  26th  March 1990.
  • Refresher course in Economics, S.V. University,  from 20th   Dec 1993 to 8th Jan 94.
  • Refresher course in Economics, Jawarharlal   Nehru University, New Delhi from 5th to 30th  Jan 1998.
  • Refresher course in Economics, Jawarharlal Nehru   University, New Delhi from 27th Dec-2004 to 20th  Jan 2005.
  • Workshop on Repositioning of Higher Education in  Andhra  Pradesh – ‘Quality Improvement in Teaching of  Economics’ at Tirupati, January, 6-7, 2006 , Commissionarate of Collegiate Education, AP, Hyderabad.
  • The A.P. State Skills update workshop for Economics  Lecturers, 19-24, February, 2007 conducted by   Directorate of Collegiate Education, AP.
  • Workshop in Basic Mathematics  for select Economics   Lecturers from 20-09-2007 to 22-09-2007, Commissioner of Collegiate Education  A.P, Hyderabad.


  • Membership in Economic bodies : 1. Andhra Pradesh Economic Association.
  • Board of Studies for Five Year Integrated  Course in MA Economics, Dravidian University,    Kuppam.


  • Research Guideship  :   Guideship for M.Phil students in Periyar  University , Salem,  is permitted for 18 students.
  • Any other information


  • Seminars attended             : Seventeen
  • Radio speeches                   : Ten
  • National Social Services    : Undergone training in National Cadet Corps,  (Army Division) for  Commissioned Officer  with the rank  of Lieutenant.

                Dr.A.NagarajaNaidu Ph.D

                Reader in Economics  Coordinator for MA Economics       

                PVKNGovt. College, Chittoor                                                                           

                e-mail: [email protected]




  • Dr. A . Nagaraja Naidu , NAAC and the Peacock – Enhancement of Quality in Higher Education , paper submitted at NAAC Sponsored Regional Seminar , Conducted by Govt. College for Men ( Quality Assurance Cell), Ananthapur. March  1-2, 2008.
  • Dr.A.Nagaraj Naidu (ed.), Laissez-Faireism in Higher Education, (UGC Sponsored National Seminar Proceedings), PVKN Government College, Chittoor,  19-20, December 2007.
  • Dr. A . Nagaraja Naidu , NAAC and  the Peacock – Quality in Higher Education ,paper submitted at UGC Sponsored National Seminar, Conducted by D N R                                                                                                                   College, Bhimavaram,  held on 12-13 February 2007 ,
  • Dr. A. Nagaraja Naidu, The Political Economy of Underdevelopment – The Colonial State in Rayalaseema, Mahamaya Publishers, New Delhi, 2007.

5..   Dr.  A Nagaraja Naidu, The Economics of Globalisation, Agrarian Crises, and Farmers Suicides, paper submitted at UGC Sponsored National Seminar conducted by Department of political science and Sociology, S V University, Tirupati, held on 2-3 December 2006

  • Dr.A. Nagaraja Naidu (ed.) Globalisation : Theory and Practice, ( ICSSR Sponsored NationalSeminar Prooceedings )  P.V.K.N. Govt. College, Chittoor, December, 2004.
  • Dr. A. Nagaraja Naidu (ed.), The Political Economy of Drought and Deterioration of Tank Irrigation in Rayalaseema, (UGC Sponsored National Seminar Proceedings) ,  P.V.K.N. Govt. College, Chittoor , October  2005.
  • As Joint Author, “Nuthana Ardhika Vyavasthapai Adhyayanam”, Andhra Pradesh Vyyavasaya Cooleela samakhya, 1992, Loyala Public School, Guntur – 522 005.
  • “Palaekaralanu Aadu Kovadam Prathuthva Badhyatha”, Vaartha (Telugu daily),

dt: 04/06/1997.

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  • “The struggle goes on in A.P”, FRONTIER, Calcutta, Vol. 15, No. 27 Feb. 19, 1983.


   Dr.A.NagarajaNaidu Ph.D           

   Reader in Economics, Rtd.Principal (Govt. Degree College, Rapur)     

   Coordinator for MA Economics       

   PVKN Govt. College, Chittoor                                                                                     

   e-mail: [email protected]