Staff Profiles and Contact info


S. No Name of the Employee Designation Phone Numbers Email Id Profile
1 Dr G. Ananda Reddy Principal 9440088287 [email protected]
2 Dr B. Annapurna Sarada Reader in Physics 9948231118 [email protected]
3 B. Ramesh Chandra Babu Lecturer in Mathematics 9440182185 [email protected]
4 Dr B. Purushotham Lecturer in Zoology 9966452703 [email protected]
5 Y. Rajasekhar Lecturer in Commerce 9885876776 [email protected]
6 K.V. Chidambaram Lecturer in Commerce 9440799542 [email protected]
7 Dr K. Ushasri Lecturer in Microbiology 8520906318 [email protected]
10 Dr C. Meera Saheb Lecturer in Botany 9912211791 [email protected]
11 Dr T. Malathi Gobriel Lecturer in English 9989755110 [email protected]
12 G. Babu Chetty Lecturer in English 9490276626 [email protected]
13 S.V. Ramesh Kumar Lecturer in English 9491520740 [email protected]
15 Dr V. Masulamani Lecturer in Commerce 8178282687 [email protected]
16 Dr A. Jayasankar Lecturer in Zoology 9491781066 [email protected]
17 Dr T. Gangaram Lecturer in Statistics 9440019263 [email protected]
18 Dr V. Munaiah Lecturer in Statistics 9248525294 [email protected]
19 Dr E. Vasu Lecturer in Telugu 9490175017 [email protected]
20 P. Jayachandrudu Lecturer in Telugu 9703758519 [email protected]
21 Dr. Mohano Behara Lecturer in Botany 9393117566 [email protected]
22 T. Raghuraman Lecturer in Physics 7396650368 [email protected]
23 Dr L. Md. Bhakshu Lecturer in Botany 9985415439 [email protected]
24 Dr K. Rajini Lecturer in English 9494891064 [email protected]
25 Dr Shaik Benazeer Lecturer in Hindi 7382786328 [email protected]
26 Sri K. Chakravarthi Gondyala Lecturer in Political Science 9492930024 [email protected]
27 Dr A. Sasikala Lecturer in Botany 9440034218 [email protected]
28 Smt. M. Hemalatha Lecturer in Botany 9492072344 [email protected]
29 Dr P. Sujana Lecturer in Botany 9490108622 [email protected]
30 Dr R. Krishnaveni Lecturer in Physical Education 9441900481 [email protected]
31 P. Ravi Librarian 9553490459 [email protected]
32 Shaik. Mohammad Shafiullah Lecturer in English 9866639068 [email protected]
33 Dr T. Hari Babu Lecturer in Chemistry 9550026857 [email protected]
34 Sri A. Ramesh Lecturer in Chemistry 8297936159 [email protected]
35 Dr Y. Vyshnavi Lecturer in Chemistry 9490385968 [email protected]
36 Sri M. Ismail Lecturer in Comp. Sci. 8555982073 [email protected]
37 Sri M. Samuel John Lecturer in Comp. Sci. 9849400846 [email protected]
38 Dr. P. SIVARAAGINI Lecturer in Microbiology 7569103565 [email protected]