National Service Scheme
P.V.K.N.Govt.Collge, Chittoor

Regular Activities 2013-2014

Unit-1 & Unit-2

S.No. Activity Performed Date
1 Campus cleaning 20-06-2013
2 Orientation Programme 16-07-2013
3 Enrollment of volunteers 17,18-07–2013
4 Orientation Programme 29-07-2013
5 Campus cleaning 31-07-2013
6 National Education Day meeting 11-11-2013
7 Blood Grouping 28-11-2013
8 World Aids Day rally 01-12-2013
9 Shramadhan in the college campus 29-12-2013
10 Blood donation camp 06-02-2014
11 Voluntary participation in General Election may 2014 07-05-2014


      Dr. Mohano Behara                                                                                                                                              Sri. D. Mallaiah

Programmer Officer (Unit-I)                                                                                                                                   Programmer Officer (Unit-II)

                                                                                         Dr. G. Ananda Reddy

Principal, P.V.K.N. Govt. College, Chittoor.


Annual Report for the Year 2013-2014

The annual report on NSS activities/ programmes organized by NSS Unit-I and Unit-II of P.V.K.N. Govt. College, Chittoor during the academic year 2013-2014 cited below.

  1. Enrollment of N.S.S Volunteers during the year 2013-2014.


a)  UNIT 1: Total=119.     Boys: 110, Girls: 09.     SC and ST:   52

b)  UNIT 2: Total=119.     Boys: 100, Girls: 19.     SC and ST:   57

A Snapshot glance of N.S.S Programmes/Activities

 The operational aim of N.S.S is to integrate the three basic components of the programme. NSS programme provides as a variety of Leaving experiences which must develop a sense of participation service and achievement among the volunteers. The N.S.S volunteers of both Unit-I and Unit-II organize/conduct the following regular activities.

  • College campus is cleaned and beautified at regular intervals.
  • They involved in the projects undertaken for the benefits of the institution. Such projects comprise the development of a playground, tree plantation in the premises, awareness programmes on drug abuse, AIDS, child labor and child education etc.
  • Organizing and conducting NSS regular activities on important days like Independence day, NSS day, Mahatma Gandhi Jayanthi, National Education Day, World Aids Day, National Youth Day, Republic Day etc.
  • Our N.S.S volunteers participate in Pulse polio immunization programme, Literacy awareness program every year.
  • Our volunteers extend their voluntary services during festivals at Sri Venkateswara Temple Tirumala, Tirupati, Sri Varasiddi Vinayaka Temple, Kanipakam.
  • Our volunteers extended their volunteer services to General Election-2014.
  • To get the NSS volunteers acquainted with the objectives, the motto, NSS symbol, NSS song and the basics of NSS programmes, were organized. An orientation programmes, inspiring lectures, discussions field visits etc.

Orientation Programme:

To launch an enrollment drive NSS Programme Office(s) Dr.Mohano Behara (Unit-1) and D. Mallaiah (Unit-2) arranged motivation and orientation programme in the college auditorium on 6thJuly 2013. College Principal Sir T. Adinarayana Reddy inaugurated the NSS Volunteer Enrollment Drive. In his presidential remarks he emphasized on the motto, aim, objectives of National Service Scheme. The faculty members gave an enlightening and service-oriented talk on various topics and their through on development of personality in volunteer through Community Service.

  • An enrollment of Volunteers Programme was conducted during 17th and 18th July 2013.
  • As a part of NSS activities an orientation programme to NSS Volunteers of both Unit-1 and Unit-2 was organized on 29th July 2013 in the college campus.
  • The main objective of the programme is to educate volunteers, pertaining to render services to the societies. Invited resource persons extended their talks on various aspects of NSS such as.
  • NSS motto and regular activities.
  • NSS special camping
  • Public awareness programmes
  • Blood donation camp
  • Plantation, sanitation and health awareness
  • National disaster management programmes
  • Role of youth in national building etc.
  • Dr. Mohano Behara, NSS Programme Officer (Unit-1) participated in 166th orientation training program held from 20-01-2014 to 26-01-2014 at NSS Training & Orientation Centre, Andhra University Campus, Visakhapatnam.


National Education Day Celebration

On the Eve of National Education Day, the Volunteers of NSS Unit-1 and Unit-2 organized a meeting in the auditorium on 11th NOV, 2013. To commemorate this occasion, Sri T. Adinarayana Reddy, the Principal addressed the volunteers and ignited their minds by highlighting the greatness of Moulana Abdul Kalam Azad. The meeting was witnessed by the college Coordinator of academic affairs, UGC, NAAC, Post graduate Courses and other faculty members.

Blood Grouping Programme

With the Collaboration of the Dept. of Microbiology, a programme on blood grouping was organized on 28th November, 2013. Sri G. Prasad, Lecturer in Microbiology extended valuable services in this regard. Dr. T. Bala Subramanyam Reddy inaugurated and explained the significance of the Programme. More than Two Hundred Students are involved in the Programme.

World AIDS Day Celebration

World AIDS Day was observed on 1st December. As a part of regular activity several programmes were organized such as Rally, Seminars, Essay Competitions and Awareness on HIV / AIDS. To enlighten and to educate the society a procession was started on  1-2-2013 at 10.00 a.m. from the college and proceed through Greamspet, M.S.R. Centre and concluded at Gandhi Junction, Chittoor. The prizes were distributed among the winners of Essay Competition and seminars.

Blood Donation Camp

The N.S.S units conducted the blood donation camp at the laboratory of Dept of Botany on 6thFebruary 2014 with the technical Assistance of Dr. R. Rajendra Prasad, in charge of District Blood Bank, Chittoor and his team. The Programme was inaugurated by Dr. R. Bhanumathi, the then Principal of the College. 52 units of Blood were donated in the campus.

Volunteers participate in the General Election 2014

As per the orders given by the Chief Election Commissioner of India and the instructions made by the college Principal and N.S.S. Coordinator, Sri Venkateswara University, Thirupati, the N.S.S. Programme Officers Dr. Mohano Behara and Sri D. Mallaiah took the initiation and motivated the N.S.S. volunteers and students to extend their volunteer services in the General Election 2014. 80 N.S.S. Volunteers’ and 67 student volunteers extend their services during the General Election held on 7th May 2014.


      Dr. Mohano Behara                    Sri. D. Mallaiah                                         Dr. G. Ananda Reddy         

Programmer Officer (Unit-I)         Programmer Officer (Unit-II)                      Principal, P.V.K.N. Govt. College, Chittoor.

National Service Scheme (NSS)


“NOT ME, BUT YOU” This reflects the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for selfless service and appreciation of the other person’s point of view and also to show consideration for fellow human beings. It underlines that the welfare of an individual is ultimately dependent on the welfare of society on the whole. Therefore, it should be the aim of the NSS to demonstrate this motto in its day-to-day programme.

National Service Scheme, under the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports Govt. of India, popularly known as NSS was launched in Gandhi’s Birth Centenary Year 1969, in 37 Universities involving 40,000 students with primary focus on the development of personality of students through community service. Today, NSS has more than 3.2 million student volunteers on its roll spread over 298 Universities and 42 (+2) Senior Secondary Councils and Directorate of Vocational Education all over the country. From its inception, more than 3.75 crore students from Universities, Colleges and Institutions of higher learning have benefited from the NSS activities, as student volunteers.

Activity Forum

National Integration Camp     Shramdaan      Blood Donation           Disaster

Plantation        Immunization Management   Adventure Program’s

The broad objectives of NSS are to:

  • understand the community in which they work;
  • understand themselves in relation to their community;
  • identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem solving process;
  • develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility;
  • utilize their knowledge in finding practical solution to individual and community problems;
  • develop competence required for group living and sharing of responsibilities;
  • gain skills in mobilizing community participation;
  • acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude;
  • develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters
  • Practice national integration and social harmony.

Annual NSS Camps

Camps are held annually, funded by the government of India, and are usually located in a rural village or a city suburb. Volunteers may be involved in such activities as:

  • Cleaning
  • Afforestation
  • Stage shows or a procession creating awareness of such issues as social problems, education and cleanliness
  • Awareness Rallies
  • Inviting doctors for health camps

There are no predefined or pre assigned tasks; it is left up to the volunteers to provide service in any way that is feasible. Camps typically last between a week and 10 days, although camps for shorter periods are also conducted.

Typical projects

  • Adoption of villages
  • Construction and repair of roads
  • Afforestation
  • Literacy classes
  • Water conservation
  • Plastics eradication
  • eye donation
  • tree plantation
  • blood donation