IQAC Report – 2011-2012
The Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Name of the Institution                 :           P.V.K.N. Govt. College, Chittoor.

Address                                           :           Vellore Road, Greamspet, Chittoor – 517 002

Website                                            : 

Academic year                                :           2011-2012

Profile of the College

P.V.K.N. Government college, Chittoor was situated at the outskirts of Chittoor Town. Originally the campus was covering an area of 112.42 acres. The land was acquired by the then R.D.O Chittoor by utilizing donor’s fund and college special fee funds. The patta lands acquired was about 78 acres and remaining was poramboke and AWD lands transferred by government in the name of the College. Nearly 31 acres of land was alienated to N.P.S Government College for Women and Krishnaveni Junior College for Girls  and nearly 14 acres was occupied by Government agencies. Now, the campus spreads over an area of 67.2 acres.

This College was affiliated to S.V. University, Tirupati in the year 1961 and got UGC recognition under 12 (f) and 2( b) in the year 1966. Now the college is elevated from UG level to PG level.

The courses offered after the accreditation and strength particulars of students during the academic year 2011-12 are as follows:


Group  Group        SC          ST          BC          OC        M    F   TOTAL

Code             M      F    M      F    M      F    M      F


 01    MPE  EM    0      0    0      0    0      0    0      0     0    0     0


 02    MPC EM    1      2    0      0    6      1    0      0     7    3    10


 03    MPC TM   11      1    1      0    5      2    1      1    18    4    22


 04    MPS TM    0      0    0      0    0      0    0      0     0    0     0


 05    BZC  TM   19     28    2      1    2     11    0      0    23   40    63


 06    BZC  EM    2      3    0      0    6      3    0      1     8    7    15


 07    MECS  EM    5      1    0      0    6      0    0      0    11    1    12


 08    MPCS  EM    5      0    0      0    6      2    5      4    16    6    22


 09    MSCS  EM   12      1    0      1   23      0    5      0    40    2    42


 10    MZC  EM    0      0    0      0    0      0    0      0     0    0     0


 11    BBTC EM    4      5    0      0    0      2    1      2     5    9    14


 12    MBC  EM    6      3    0      0    2      5    4      0    12    8    20


 BSC Total   :  65     44    3      2   56     26   16      8   140   80   220


 13    GEN  TM   48      2    1      0   17      2    1      2    67    6    73


 14    ASM  TM   30      0    0      0   12      0    5      0    47    0    47


 15    TAX  EM   14      0    0      0   14      1    6      2    34    3    37


 16    CA   EM   19     19    0      0   24     15    4      6    47   40    87


 17    CA2  EM   30      0    2      0   33      0   19      0    84    0    84


 18    CA3  EM   29      0    2      0   34      1   15      0    80    1    81


 BCOM Total  : 170     21    5      0  134     19   50     10   359   50   409


 19    ESP  TM    0      0    0      0    0      0    0      0     0    0     0


 20    HEP  TM   31      4    0      0   12      2    2      1    45    7    52


 21    ESCA TM    6      0    1      0    5      2    4      1    16    3    19


 22    HPT TM   18      6    1      0    6      1    1      2    26    9    35


BA Total     :  55     10    2      0   23      5    7      4    87   19   106


Grand Total  : 290     75   10      2  213     50   73     22    586  149   735


The plan of action chalked out by the IQAC in the beginning of the year towards Quality enhancement and the outcome achieved  by the end of the year.

The Academic year 2011-12 was started with a review of activities taken up during 2010-11. Department-wise targets and achievements were analyzed and revised targets were set for 2011-12.

The Plan of action chalked out by the IQAC in the beginning of the year.

Subject wise results in the university exams were analyzed and suggested measures to improve the standards.

  1. Initiatives for quality enhancement in teaching learning, evaluation and to review the progress of the academic programmes and various steps to be implemented to improve the quality of education.
  1. To strengthen the curricular, co-curricular, extra curricular and extension activities.
  1. Motivate the faculty to attend the seminars, workshops and conferences to acquaint with the latest developments of the subject.
  1. Motivate faculty to pursue research activities.
  1. Encourage the staff to participate in the university committees and activities.
  1. Strengthen the linkages with institutions and industries to avail of the opportunities by students.
  1. To assist the students to develop research bent of mind and to initiate to take up study projects.
  1. Encourage the students to participate in the extension activities.
  1. To advise the students to join in JKC to get trained in job oriented skills.
  1. Advise the students to join in Career Oriented add on courses.
  1. Encourage students to participate in sports and games.
  1. Encourage staff to contribute in evaluation techniques and course design at college and university level.

Curricular Aspects

The curriculum framed by the state council of higher education and S.V. University was implemented.

  • Genetics and Biotechnology was introduced in the III B.Sc. Paper III for Zoology students.
  • Aquaculture was introduced in Paper IV for Zoology students.
  • Cell biology, Genetics, Ecology and Biodiversity were included in paper III of Botany.
  • Seed technology and Horticulture were included in Paper IV of Botany.
  • e-Commerce and distributed data based management were included in Computer Science Paper III & IV.
  • Nano materials was included in Physics Paper IV.
  • Molecular biotechnology and Genetic Engineering were included in Paper III of Biotechnology
  • Stem Cell technology, r-DNA technology, Non conventional energy sources, Tissue culture techniques were included in Paper IV of Biotechnology
  • Vector calculus was included in Paper III of Mathematics

Group theory and ring theory was included

  • Inclusion of UV, Infra Red, NMR, Mass Spectra in Paper IV of Chemistry, Catalysis, Macromolecules, Super conductors and Nano materials were introduced.
  • Physiology and clinical Biochemistry were added in Biochemistry                      Paper III.  r-DNA technology was added in paper IV.
  • Environmental Studies was made as compulsory subject to all Final year BA, B.Com. & B.Sc. students from the academic year 2011-12 to inculcate the knowledge about environment and to protect the environment in view of Human Welfare.
  • Internal marks of 20 was allotted for the final year BA students and external marks of 80 in Paper III and Paper IV from the academic year 2011-12.
  • Annual academic plans were prepared to implement the syllabus effectively.

Teaching, Learning Evaluation

  • In addition to usual black board method of teaching, advanced Learning resources like OHP, LCD are being utilized for effective teaching.
  • 35 Guest Lectures from experts were arranged by all departments of the college during this academic year as a part of improving quality education.
  • Student seminars, group discussions, Quiz programmes were conducted in every department to create competitiveness among the students.
  • Assignments of various types were given on critical topics to make the students thorough in the subjects.
  • Remedial coaching was given to the slow learners in all subjects and study material was also supplied to improve results in the university examinations.
  • The students were taken to educational and scientific tours to expose them to scientific, industrial, historical and natural environments.
  • The students of biology were taken to Kalyanidam, a fresh water ecosystem to observe the aquatic ecosystem.
  • They also visited Emu bird forms near Puthalapattu and also visited S.V. Zoological park, Tirupati.
  • The students of Physics and Biology visited National Atmospheric Research laboratory near Chandragiri.
  • Periodical tests were conducted to examine the understanding of the subjects by the students.
  • Half yearly examinations and Pre-final examinations were also conducted for the students.
  • Study material was prepared in all the subjects and got printed and supplied to the students to improve the success rate.
  • Students of ASM visited various business firms at Tirupati to enrich their skills.

MANA TV Programmes :

Live Telecast of Lessons were arranged on various curricular topics by MANA TV throughout the year by a systematic time-table.

It was monitored by Sri G.M. Shanmugam, Lecturer in Physics.

MANA TV programmes could certainly improve the quality of Learning.

Infrastructure development

  • Digital camera was purchased to the department of Maths with PG funds.
  • Computer printer was purchased for the department of Mathematics.
  • LCD projector was purchased with UGC funds and given to the department of Zoology and Microbiology.
  • One classroom was constructed with Rs. 10 lakhs.
  • Four rooms are under construction with a cost of Rs. 25 lakhs.
  • The canteen was renovated with a cost of Rs. 5 lakhs.
  • Six e-classrooms were developed in the department of Commerce and Physics with an expenditure of Rs. 4 lakhs.
  • 22 S-chairs was purchased with an expenditure of Rs. 60,000/- for the Principal’s chamber.
  • The toilets were renovated with a cost of Rs. 2 lakhs.
  • Audio Visual equipments was purchased with a cost of Rs. 60,000/-.
  • EAMCET counseling centre was established with the funding of APSCHE.
  • Ladies waiting room and toilets were constructed by the funds of department of M.Sc. Maths.
  • Microprocessors and Microcontrollers were purchased for the changed syllabus of Physics.
  • Development of garden around the college building was taken up to give a pleasant look.
  • Autoclave, Hot air oven and a centrifuge were purchased by the department of Botany.
  • Vehicle parking sheds were renovated.
  • Tenders were invited to construct the Centenary Jubilee Reading hall with an estimated cost of Rs. 25 lakhs.
  • Additional furniture value of Rs. 1.2 lakhs was purchased.

Quest for Improvement of Teacher quality

Sincere efforts were made by the staff to improve the Quality of Teaching by various activities and practices like participation in seminars, Refresher Courses, Orientation Programmes, organizing seminars, workshops and by DRC programmes.

  • Sri S. Siva Kumar, Lecturer in English participated in the Orientation Programme.
  • Sri M. Venkataramana, Lecturer in English attended a Refresher course.
  • Sri M.S. Bhaskar, Lecturer in English attended a Refresher course.
  • Dr. P. Hanumantha Raju, Reader in Zoology attended as Resource Person and given a guest lecture to the staff Govt. Degree College, Puttur on 19-11-2011.
  • Dr. P. Hanumantha Raju, Reader in Zoology attended as Resource Person and given a guest lecture to the staff of Govt. Degree College, Piler on NAAC preparations on 08-11-2011.
  • A guest lecture was given on Physiology of Heart functioning and regulation at Govt. Degree College(W), Madanapalli on 08-12-2011.
  • Sri K. Raghava Reddy, Lecturer in Botany attended one orientation programme for NSS Programme Officers from 11-10-2011 to 16-10-2011 at S.V. Veterinary University, Tirupati.
  • Dr. S. Padmanabha Reddy, Department of Telugu participated as Chief Guest in the Youth Festivals at Silver Jubilee Govt. College, Kurnool.
  • Dr. S. Padmanabha Reddy, attended the Youth Festivals at Govt. College(W), Guntur as a State Coordinator of cultural activities.
  • Sri G. Giri Babu, Lecturer in Physics attended a orientation programme at University of Hyderabad in July, 2011.
  • Dr. K. Subramanyam Naidu, Reader in Physics attended the UGC sponsored National Seminar at Sri Sathyasai Institute of Higher Learning, Anantapur.
  • Dr. K. Subramanyam Naidu, Reader in Physics is attending a Two Day Training Programme on Career and Counselling at Department of Adult and Continuing Education, S.V. University, Tirupati on 1st February, 2012 and 2nd February, 2012.
  • Dr. P. Hanumantha Raju, Reader in Zoology is attending a Two Day Training Programme on Career and Counselling at Department of Adult and Continuing Education, S.V. University, Tirupati on 1st February, 2012 and 2nd February, 2012.
  • Sri K. Dandapani Reddy, Lecturer in Economics and Sri D. Balaji, Guest Lecturer in Economics attended In Service Training Programme from 02-01-2012 to 07-01-2012.
  • Sri P. Hari Babu, Lecturer in Chemistry and Sri C. Venkatarathnam, Lecturer in Chemistry & Sri P. Bhanu Prakash, Lecturer in Chemistry have undergone 6-day training programme in Chemistry conducted by APSCHE, AP, Hyderabad.

Awards and Recognitions

  • Dr. K. Dayananda Reddy, Lecturer in Chemistry has been awarded State Best Teachers Award on 05-09-2011 by Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.


Improvement in the quality of Library facilities

In order to provide library services during power failure an inverter with 1400 VA-1 and 160 AH batteries have been provided to the library users.

o   One power backup UPS with 600 volts has been added during this year.

o   Enrolment of e-journals has been made to the UGC INFONET Digital Library consortium, Ahmadabad.

o   Under UGC XI Plan CDC and RC an amount of Rs. 28,000/- has been spent towards purchase of 1,481 new books during this academic year.

o   Accession, stamping, labeling, numbering, classification and cataloging of all new arrivals has been almost completed and they were put on the shelves for use.

o   Created databases for the new arrivals on the SOUL.

o   Renewed for the existing 34 Journals, 20 weeklies, monthlies and 13 dailies.

o   Internet services have been provided to the students and staff.

Research and Consultancy

  • Sri T. Markandeya Naidu, Lecturer in Mathematics has applied for a Minor Research Project.
  • Dr. P. Hanumantha Raju, Reader in Zoology attended and presented Two Research papers in the Indian Science Congress-2012 held at KIIT University, Bhuvaneswar, Orissa.
  • Sri K. Raghava Reddy, Lecturer in Botany attended and presented one Research Paper in the Indian Science Congress-2012 held at KIIT University, Bhuvaneswar, Orissa.
  • Dr. C. Venkatakrishnaiah, Lecturer in Zoology submitted an abstract to the National Seminar to be conducted by S.V. University, Tirupati from 27th February, 2012 to 28th February, 2012.
  • Sri G. Rajasekhar, Lecturer in Zoology attended a Workshop on “Micro Array” at University of Hyderabad on 05-12-2011.
  • Dr. C. Venkatakrishnaiah, Lecturer in Zoology is attending an International Seminar on “Biodiversity” on 02-03-2012 to 04-03-2012 at S.V. University, Tirupati.
  • One UGC Minor Research Project was sanctioned to Sri K. Raghava Reddy, Lecturer in Botany on “Study of Antibacterial and Antifungal activity in different Grass Species”.
  • Sri K. Dandapani Reddy, Lecturer in Economics applied for a Minor Research Project entitled “A study on Impact of Financial Indicators on the behaviour of Share Price Movements” to UGC.
  • Dr. K. Subramanyam Naidu, Reader in Physics is attending a Two training programme on Career and Counseling at the Department of Adult and Continuing Education, S.V. University, Tirupati.

Consultancy service

  • Department of Tax and Tax Procedures provide consultancy service to Income tax assesses in the submission of Income tax returns.
  • Department of Computer Science provides consultancy services to social welfare department in the online submission of scholarship applications.

Extension Activities.



There are 02 NSS units in the college. They take up community development programmes.

  • One million tree plantation programme was conducted during July-August-2011 and saplings were planted at various placed.
  • Anti drugs day was organized on 26-06-2011 and educated the public on the hazards of using Narcotics and Drugs.
  • World AIDS day was organized on 01-12-2011 and a mass rally was organized with the students to inculcate awareness in the public on the dreadful disease AIDS.
  • National Voters day is going to organize on 25-01-2012 to educate the community on the importance of voting in a democratic country.
  • Blood donation camp is going to organize on 25-01-2012.
  • A special camping programme is proposed in the summer vacation of this academic year.



              Lt. Dr. M. Sudhakara Reddy,  Associate NCC Officer & Lecturer in Commerce is the Care Taker Officer of NCC.

Activities of NCC for the year 2011-12.

              We have a COY in our college. 160 cadets were admitted during this academic year.

  • ‘B’ certificate exam was being conducted every year.
  • Blood donation camp was conducted and the cadets donated blood to Blood Bank at Govt. Hospital, Chittoor.
  • 07 NCC cadets attended Pre-Republic Day Camp.
  • 05 NCC cadets attended Army attachment camp.
  • 04 NCC cadets attended National Integration camp at Madhyapradesh & Tirupati.
  • 02 NCC cadets attended National Trekking camp.

Sports and Games

  • 120 students participated in the S.V. University inter-collegiate tournaments during the year 2011-12.
  • Our students won the Kho-Kho winners title for the Fifth time consecutively in the inter-collegiate tournaments conducted by S.V. University at Vidyanagar, Nellore.
  • Our students won the Runners title in the Hockey inter collegiate tournaments conducted at S.V. Arts College, Tirupati.
  • 13 players from our college represented in the south zone inter university tournaments.
  • J. Vikram of II BA won the silver medal at the National Junior Kho-Kho meet held in New Delhi.

Consumer Club

It was organized by Sri K. Dandapani Reddy, Lecturer in Economics.

  • World Consumer Day was celebrated on 15-03-2011. Essay writing and Elocution competitions were conducted among the students and the winners were awarded with a cash prize of Rs. 3000/- and a certificate.
  • National consumer day was celebrated on 24-12-2011. Essay writing and Elocution competitions were conducted on “Consumers! Protection Act 1986-Achievements in 25 years” The winners were given away a cash prize of Rs. 3000/- and certificate.
  • A rally was organized on 24-10-2011 to celebrate National Consumer Day to educate the public on consumer protection.



District Resource Centre of our college acts as academic resource centre with reference to academic expertise, facilitates academic programmes for the benefit of the students and staff.

DRC Coordinator Dr. T. Balasubramnayam Reddy, Associate Professor of Physics successfully organized the following academic programmes.

o   A six day Training programme for the teachers of Govt. / Aided / Un-Aided colleges in the district in the subject Physics, Chemistry & Commerce was organized from 19-01-2012 to 24-01-2012 as a part of the programme of District Resource Centre.

o   It was funded by AP State Council of Higher Education, Hyderabad and Department of Collegiate Education, AP, Hyderabad.


Jawahar Knowledge Centre of our college is giving training to the students in soft skills, communication skills and also conducting campus interviews by inviting the companies.

o   JKC was coordinated by Dr. M. Sudhakara Reddy, Lecturer in Commerce.

o   60 students were enrolled for training in summer batch.

o   80 students were enrolled for regular training batch.

o   Institute of Language Management Pvt. Ltd., conducted campus drive in P.V.K.N. Govt. College, Chittoor on 21-01-2012 and 08 students were selected for placements.

Career and Counseling Cell, UGC

Dr. K. Subramanyam Naidu, Associate Professor of Physics is Convener of Career and Counseling Cell (UGC) and he had conducted several programmes during the year 2011-12 for the benefit of the students.

  • Free training and placement programme in collaboration with NIS Spartha, Ministry of Rural Development and IGNOU was conducted on 05-05-2011.
  • Rajiv Yuva Kiranalu – placement programme in collaboration with SETVEN, Tirupati was conducted on 16-10-2011.
  • Campus selections purely for women candidates was conducted on 03-12-2011 by Vignesh Enterprises and 40 candidates attended for the selections. 12 were selected.
  • Applications to the aspirants applying for police constables, Sub-Inspector of Police were given freely to the students by Career Counseling Cell.
  • Free special coaching classes were conducted for a period of 45 days to the candidates appearing for police constables, Sub-Inspector of Police and Village Revenue Officers.
  • Student counseling and career guidance programme was conducted by Department of Adult and Continuing Education, S.V. University, Tirupati on 27th & 28th January, 2012.


2300 students had applied for scholarships during the academic year 2011-12 from this college.


Results of university exams, March, 2011

Group Appeared Distinction I Class II Class III Class Total Pass Pass %
MPC EM 5 1 1 2 40
MPC TM 11 3 2 5 45
BZC TM 54 6 14 2 22 41
BZC EM 19 1 8 9 47
MECS 17 5 2 7 41
MPCS 21 1 8 3 12 57
MSCS 58 1 22 9 32 55
MZC 12 1 2 3 25
BBTC 25 5 10 15 60
MBC 16 1 4 3 8 50
BSC TOTAL 238 3 56 52 4 115 48
GEN 64 24 10 34 53
ASM 50 5 14 19 38
TAX 36 9 10 19 53
CA 200 1 69 52 1 123 62
BCOM TOTAL 350 1 107 86 1 195 56
ESP 9 3 3 33
HEP TM 62 1 6 14 21 34
HEP EM 6 0 0
HPT 65 5 12 17 26
BA TOAL 142 0 4 11 26 41 29

Examination Results of PG courses


S. No. Course Appeared Success Success rate
1 M.Sc. Maths 33 27 82
2 M.Sc. Organic Chemistry 32 29 91
3 M.A. Economics 34 29 85
4 M.Com. 43 37 86



102 old students were enrolled under Alumni Association. The Alumni assists in the developmental activities of the college.

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University

Our college is a study centre for Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University. It was established in the year 1986-87. It is imparting knowledge to the students of various categories like house wives, employed people, military personnel etc. This study centre is situated in a trilingual border of Telugu, Tamil and Kannada and providing “education for all” as the slogan of the university. The motto of the university is “education at your door step”. It is fulfilling the motto of the university.

It is imparting education in B.A., B.Com., and B.Sc. courses. Dr. K. Dayananda Reddy, Lecturer in Chemistry is the coordinator.

I year, 468, II Year 373 and III year 363 students were admitted in to various courses during the year 2011-12.

IGNOU – Indira Gandhi National Open University

Our college is a partner institution with IGNOU.

It is imparting education to different categories of people including house wives, working persons in the private and public sector and unemployed youth.

It was started in the year 2008.

It is imparting education in M.Com., M.A. M.Sc. B.Com. B.A. courses, C. Functional English, CBZ, CIC.

Sri E. Chandra Naidu is coordinator. 97 students had taken admission in  January, 2011 into various courses.

Best Practices

To seek re-accreditation and autonomy the institution is run on certain core values. To foster global competencies among students, they are trained in soft skills.

  • The use of technology is encouraged to promote excellence among students.
  • The lecture-method is supplemented with the learner-centred activities such as Group discussions, Seminars, Quiz, etc.
  • Special Instructional programmes such as Tutorials, Remedial Coaching, Ward System were being implemented to guide slow-learners and under-achievers.
  • Teachers were trained to handle sophisticated educational technologies like the LCD projector and the power point presentations.
  • Students from rural areas are specially trained in communication skills in English.
  • Women students are sensitized on issues confronting them such as domestic violence, discrimination against the girl-child, male chauvinism, pre-natal tests, etc., Students were involved in AIDS Awareness campaigns, social forestry, literacy programmes, etc.,
  • Attempts are made to make the students as civilized, disciplined and skillful citizens of the nation.