E- Class Room

Learning is a continuous process. Class room learning is must for beginners, say till graduation at least. For those who cannot afford classroom learning e learning is a good substitute.

However, when application of knowledge comes in your personal, professional, employed or business life, the technology support derived from e learning is amazing. Definitely we can use the net for our advantage to supplement, books, advices or opinion of seniors and peers and consultants in the chosen field. Therefore e learning is complementary to classroom learning.

As a Nodal college the campus consists of technical facilities like providence of e-class rooms. Students of commerce wing are making it avail in their lectures. Projectors are also provided; lectures make use of the power point to present their lectures in an effective way. Students often search net for the information on the system in the class rooms. In short the class rooms are technically advanced, and excelled the class rooms of any other well funded corporate colleges.