• The college Alumni association was formed to bridge the gap between the former students and the present students of the institution.
  • A senior faculty member with a wider social network naturally acts as the convener of the Alumni Association. Sri. P. Veerabhadra Reddy, Lecturer in Botany played a commendable role in enrolling alumni members by contacting the former students in India and Abroad.
  • It plays a vital role in giving constructive and progressive suggestions for the development of the institution.
  • It shares its expertise, cherished memories and motivates the present students towards achieving set targets.
  • The Alumni meeting was held on the occasion of  NAAC committee’s visit won laurels and encomiums from every quarter for organizing and making it a grand success.
  • It contributes generously, to the development of college infrastructure.
  • The Alumni members magnanimously donated money for presenting Endowment Prizes to toppers in different subjects.
  • The very presence of the Alumni members serves as a motivational factor to the present students to shape their career.
  • The convener conducts the general body meeting of the Alumni every year.
  • It discusses the future plans for the improving the academic standards of the students.
  • It also aims to keep the campus clean and green as a part of “Swach Bharath”.